Sony’s New Pocket-Sized Projector is Meant to Work With a PS4

Even though Sony didn’t have much of a presence at gamescom 2015, it did show off a new projector that can hook up to a PlayStation 4, allowing games to be projected onto a variety of different surfaces.

The projector, called MPCL1, is fairly small (pocket-sized, even), and can connect to a PS4 console via an HDMI cord. It has a resolution of 1920×720 — not high compared to most newer flat-screen TVs, but not too bad considering the item’s portability.

Sony PS4 Projector MPCL1

If you are looking to buy one, the MPCL1 projector will set you back around $350, which is just about the cost of an actual PS4 console. What do you think of the little projector? Do you think it could be worth getting?

[Source: Forbes]