Comcept Feels “Really, Really Bad” About Mighty No. 9’s Delay, Says It Happened Due to Multiplayer Bugs

Reports of Mighty No. 9‘s delay surfaced late in July, but it took Comcept a little under two weeks to confirm that the rumors were true. The developer admits that although it felt that the game would end up having to be delayed, the team wasn’t exactly sure about it at the time, resulting in a late announcement. In an interview with Engadget, producer Nick Yu said that Comcept feels “really, really bad” about the delay. 

I’m sure a lot of people — almost everyone is upset about delays, and things that can’t be done. But, and this is my personal view, the creators announcing the bad news feel worse than the backers. You know that you have to tell the people, and it’ll make them sad; it’ll make them upset. And you’re the reason for that happening. You’re the one making it. Even if it was accidental, or you had no control over it, you’re the reason the delay happened. We feel bad. Really, really bad.

People are saying that we didn’t announce the delay fast enough. But although we saw the possibility of the delay, we weren’t sure. You’ll never be sure until the moment when you say, “This is not going to make it anymore.” Even if there are rumors or possibilities for delay, we can’t say anything until we are sure. In the end, that might cause some bad PR, people calling you liars, but there’s nothi– there’s maybe some things we could’ve done better, but, at that point, we couldn’t say anything for sure, so. … We are upset as well, just as much as the backers.

When asked what caused the delay, Yu revealed that the developers encountered some bugs in the network system that affected the game’s multiplayer component. While the bug isn’t a “showstopper,” Comcept believes that it’s bad enough to frustrate players. However, the good news is that the single-player campaign is 100% complete. 

Comcept came under a lot of fire for the way it handled the game’s Kickstarter campaign, and the developer certainly has some regrets as well. Yu said that doing three updates a month was a bit too much for the development team and they wish they would have focused more on communicating with backers instead. 

When asked about the multiple overlapping projects that Comcept is involved in, Yu said that although there people who are still working on Mighty No. 9, there are other teams that are doing nothing and have to be moved on to other projects for the sake of the company’s survival, and for employees to be able to receive their salaries.

Mighty No. 9 is now scheduled for Q1 2016.

[Source: Engadget]