Psyonix Will Add “Weird” And “Crazy” Maps to Rocket League in the Future

If you’re a fan of Rocket League but, like many, feel that the game’s maps could do with some variety, then Psyonix has some good news for you. The developer has said that it plans to add some “crazy” maps to the game in the future. During an interview with PC Gamer, President Dave Hagewood was asked if Psyonix would ever bring back “weird” and different level layouts to the game, to which he said:

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. We wanted to start with the standard fields this time because we wanted to make sure everyone understood what the base game was, how we see the standard Rocket League experience being. We also wanted to promote competitive play in the game, and people who want extremely balanced competitive play and ranked modes and things like that, without adding a lot of extra noise. But we know the majority of players aren’t super competitive, they just want to have a good time—and we have a great time with the crazy different maps and so on. So we already have some of those in production to roll out later on.

Hagewood added that it’s too early to say when these crazy maps will make their way to the game, but he did say that Psyonix will “constantly be churning on maps.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hagewood revealed that the studio wasn’t expecting the game to become as popular as it has and as quickly as it has. He said that the team felt it might be held back because of how “strange” it is. Rocket League‘s popularity isn’t the only thing Hagewood underestimated, however. He also didn’t think the game would have as many as 183k concurrent users but it did!

Rocket League is due to receive update 1.04 this month, which will add ranked 3v3 matches, the Utopia Coliseum map, Spectator Mode, and more. For details on that, click here.

[Source: PC Gamer]