Calvino Noir Releases Later This Month on PS4, Check out the Launch Trailer

A film noir stealth game, Calvino Noir is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 25 in North America and August 26 in Europe. A PC and iOS release will follow on August 27.

Game Director Dan Walters went on the PS Blog to discuss the game’s voice cast, which includes Anthony Howell (Dragon Age: Inquisition) as Wilt and Wolf Kahler (Raiders of the Lost Ark) as Arno:

While you are moving around in Calvino Noir’s levels, the characters that you control will have conversations. This is where most of our narrative happens. Sneaking into a secure location to grab secret documents creates discussions. They talk about what the implications of what is happening, how it relates to the other things you’ve found, and builds the lore of our 1930s noir world.

There’s also a narrator in Calvino Noir, who helps explain the sounds, smells, and feel of moments in the game.

Here are the description and features for Calvino Noir:

Embark on this exploratory, sneaking adventure through the 1930s European criminal underworld. Architecture meets Noir as you become unwillingly entangled in a revolutionist plot.

Stealth And Subterfuge

  • Control three main characters, each with a special ability.
  • Infiltrate buildings using concealment, sneaking and brute force.
  • Distract guards with alarms to clear your path.

Architecturally Designed Environments

  • Beautiful 1930s architecture provides the sombre backdrop for the tale.
  • Just like classic film noir stories, the visuals are presented in shades of grey.
  • Alcoves and corridors are your hiding places, but they have secrets too.

A Film Noir Mystery Plot

  • Conspire with multiple characters to start a revolution.
  • Experience the city through Wilt’s dry wit and disillusionment.
  • Learn about Siska’s optimism and drive to reveal corruption.

A price wasn’t announced for Calvino Noir.

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