Rocket League Scores First Place in Top Trending Games on YouTube for July

For the last several weeks, all I’ve heard out of gamers is just how much they like playing Rocket League, so I wasn’t surprised to see that it was the top trending game on YouTube during the month of July. 

In case you’re wondering, ‘trending’ is some kind of a combination of watchtime and uploads. The second game on on the trending list is Life is Strange, which isn’t all that surprising, considering the fourth episode came out last month. To check out the full list of the top trending games on YouTube, look below:

1. Rocket League

2. Life Is Strange

3. Terraria

4. Godzilla

5. NBA 2K16

6. God of War III

7. World of Warships

8. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

9. Path of Exile

10. J-Stars Victory VS

Do you think Rocket League will remain on the top ten list this month?

[Source: YouTube via Kotaku]