Blizzard Might Bring Diablo’s Seasons Feature to Consoles

When Blizzard revealed that Diablo III‘s Seasons feature won’t make it to consoles, quite a few fans were bummed about the decision. Blizzard explained at the time that the “offline and disconnected” nature of consoles meant that the feature wouldn’t work well on them. However, in a new interview with IGN, the developer has said that it might revisit its decision. 

Senior Game Producer, Rob Foote, reiterated that the online community on consoles isn’t the same as the PC community but considering that Seasons aren’t all about the leaderboard, the decision to not bring them to consoles needs to be re-evaluated.

The initial feeling was with consoles, because of the way it’s set up, it can’t support leaderboards and the online community isn’t the same – there’s a lot more playing with friends on a couch rather than in a general community – but it is something we recognise that a lot of players have given us the feedback in the last year. Sometimes Seasons aren’t really about the leaderboard, but having a fresh start, experiencing the game again and feeling like you’re part of a larger community than yourself where the excitement around Diablo is there. So I think maybe that’s something we need to re-evaluate again. We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision.

That’s some good news for console owners! 

Diablo III is scheduled to receive patch 2.3.0 soon. For more on that, click here.

[Source: IGN]