Battlefield Hardline Free Update Pack Weapons and Gadgets Detailed

When the Battlefield Hardline DLC Robbery releases in September, it will come with an update pack that’ll include a few new weapons and gadgets.

Unlike Robbery itself, which is a paid DLC and will also include a number of new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, the update pack will be free for everyone. On the official Battlefield website, it was revealed that the free update will include a fire-resistant (FR) mask that helps prevent fire damage, a new Carbine rifle that will deal more damage than other Carbines, and a new side-arm that is supposed to be able to pack a punch. On top of that, a number of “fan-favorite” weapons will also make their way into the game, and a list of those can be seen below:

Assault rifle for the Operator class

It fires 5.56MM x 45MM at 850 rounds-per-minute, and is most effective in medium-ranged combat.

Shotgun for the Enforcer class

This is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun that’s extremely effective in close-quarters.

Sniper Rifle for the Professional class

This semi-automatic sniper rifle shoots a .416 round, and is a go-to weapon for long-range combat.

SMG for the Mechanic class

This SMG fires a 9mm bullet and is great for the short-to-medium ranged game.

SMG for all classes

SMG-style weapon that fires rounds that can penetrate body armor; great short-to-medium ranged weapon.

Are you excited for the Robbery DLC pack and the free update pack to release for Battlefield Hardline next month?

[Source: Battlefield]