Rocket League Update 1.05 Nearing Completion, Will Introduce Ranked Season 1

Sitting at five million downloads as of July 29, Rocket League from Psyonix has now sold over one million copies on Steam and is coming to SteamOS/Mac later this year. With these PC sales numbers, we know the PlayStation 4 version – either through paid or free PlayStation Plus downloads – has made its way to over four million consoles.

Psyonix also revealed that Rocket League update 1.05 is nearing completion and will be submitted soon:

Asked if Seasons was just a fancy of way of saying rank reset, Psyonix replied, “There will be more to it. And it’ll get better each season (we hope) =).”

Pysonix was also asked if they have plans to do any non-traditional maps:

In a couple other tweets, Psyonix said we can expect to hear more about the second DLC pack in the next few weeks, and they’ve been talking to Sony about what they might be able to show at PlayStation Experience.

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