Minecraft Creator Says “Biggest Effort” Went Into Taking Care of Employees During Sale of Mojang

It seems that things haven’t exactly been peachy for Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson following the sale of Mojang to Microsoft. In a series of emotional tweets, he said that he feels isolated and alone despite having everything he wants and among other things, he mentioned that his former co-workers “hate” him now. 

According to Persson, the “biggest effort” went into making sure that Mojang employees were taken care of when the company was sold off but that they still hate him. He didn’t really go into details about why they do, however. Last year, Persson said that the sale of Mojang was for his “sanity,” not money. In one tweet yesterday, he said that he would “musk and try to save the world” but that it would expose him to the “same type of assholes” that made him sell Minecraft.


We’re not sure where this came from all of a sudden, but do our readers think selling Mojang was a good idea?

[Source: Markus Persson (Twitter) via News.com.au]