Dark Souls 3 Magic System to Include MP Bar, Different Spell Types

Dark Souls 3 won’t use a “charge” system for magic spells like Dark Souls 2 used, but instead will use a magic point system.

At least, that’s what series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed recently during an interview Game Informer. In the interview, he explained that by putting in a more traditional MP bar, Dark Souls 3 will allow players more “options and freedom of utilization.”

By changing the magic management system to an MP scheme, options and freedom of utilization should increase. This way we can better clarify the differences in managing items and magic

Miyazaki also explained that spell types will be more diverse, and different types can influence a player’s play style.

We will make sure that they are not just the same type of spells with different attributes (i.e. Spear type, lightning type) but actually have specific characteristics that can enhance the players’ play styles and strategies. Players will be able to have more criteria to accurately choose the different types of spells to best fit their tactics and strategies. This is similar to the thinking behind the characterization of each weapon and their specific battle arts.

It was also revealed that Dark Souls 3 will have a fast-travel system similar to the one used in Dark Souls 2, and weapon durability will fall somewhere between how it was handled in the first Dark Souls game and Dark Souls 2.

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