Destiny: The Taken King Enemy Guide – Taking on the Taken

Destiny: The Taken King has released to much fanfare from press and gaming public alike. We’re putting some serious time and though into the full review, but you can read our initial impressions of the expansion and its vast content offering. Meanwhile, guardians are out there fighting the new threat that Oryx has brought in his wake: The Taken. These enemies are twisted versions of enemies that we already know, taken from our realm (hence the name), and then spit back with new dimensional looks, abilities, and a renewed drive to extinguish the light. 

These unique new enemies will require guardians to adjust their battle strategies, and we’ve put together a guide highlighting each of the new Taken enemies that you will encounter, their new abilities, and some suggested strategies for dealing with them. Use this information wisely guardians, and you may just be able to stop the Taken from destroying the last hope that the light has left. 

Do you have any additional tips, hints, or strategies for taking on the Taken that we didn’t mention here? Do you like the new enemies that Bungie has created? Feel free to discuss how you keep the light alive in the comments below. 

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