SCEI President Says PS4 Isn’t Selling Well in China Due to a “Censorship Regime”

The PlayStation 4 isn’t selling too well in China right now, and it seems like it is due to the country’s strict censorship laws.

The PS4 didn’t launch in China until March of this year, and since then, it hasn’t gained a lot of steam in the country. Speaking with Reuters, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House explained that this is likely due to “a censorship regime,” and said that it hasn’t been a great launch for the console.

We are still challenged somewhat with a censorship regime that we have to work with. This can be time-consuming.

I don’t think it has been a kind of a rocket launch start.

The censorship House mentioned refers to China’s ban on material that “promotes obscenity, drug use or violence” or “insults, slanders or violates the rights of others.”

[Source: Reuters via Eurogamer]