Yoshida: People Will “Totally Understand” Why Gravity Rush 2 Is PS4 Only

In an interview conducted at Tokyo Game Show 2015 by PlayStation LifeStyle’s Heath Hindman, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, talked a bit about the PlayStation Vita and Gravity Rush 2, which is only coming to the PlayStation 4.

After Heath brought up the fact that Gravity Rush’s move from PS Vita to PS4 has caused a mix of bitterness and excitement, he asked Yoshida if he felt Sony gave the Vita enough first-party software support from launch to now:

Oh yeah, absolutely. At the launch of PS Vita, we had like over 10 games — original titles. Our role is always to be challenging something somebody may not be prepared to do.

As for Gravity Rush 2, Sony made the decision “very early” to make it a PS4 exclusive. This is largely because it’s an open-world game and “the vision has really large potential in terms of realizing higher performance.”

Yoshida adds:

The team did a really good job to create an open-world game with the first Gravity Rush on a portable, but when we’re able to show more about what Gravity Rush 2, I’m sure people will totally understand why we made it PS4 only.

Heath tried to find out if there might be a Gravity Rush spin-off coming to PS Vita, but Yoshida only replied, “We’re not talking about anything. We just announced Gravity Rush 2.”

If you missed out on the first Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 this February in North America and Europe.

Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview with Shuhei Yoshida in the next few days.

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