DriveClub Getting More Trophies Later This Year

Not only will DriveClub be getting new tracks and custom multiplayer lobbies later this year, but it will also be getting new Trophies for players to unlock.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky explained that “lots more Trophies” will be due out this year for DriveClub, although it is unclear if they will release when the new tracks begin coming out in October.

Interestingly, Rustchynsky was also recently asked about the companion MyDriveClub app, and he explained that a new app is in development.

Whether or not that means MyDriveClub, which was never released, has been scrapped is unknown, but news on the new app should be coming out soon.

[Source: Paul Rustchynsky (Twitter) via The Games Cabin]