The VOTE: PES 2016 vs FIFA 16

The VOTE allows you, the PSLS community, to cast your vote and determine once and for all which choice is definitively better. This is for all the marbles, and any other voting sort of analogies that you can think of. Feel free to discuss your choice in the comments below, but remember to keep it civil. We’ll have new votes every Wednesday, with results from the prior week posted at that time, so be sure to check back and make your voice heard. 

Last week was a big week for Destiny with The Taken King launching, so we wanted to know if you liked the old Peter Dinklage voice of Ghost, or the newer Nolan North version. In a surprising upset, Team Dinklage takes the lead with 54% of the votes, and Team North trails the pack with 46%. Personally I’m a fan of the North’s Ghost. It seems to have more personality and sound less like a shady character, though I hate the way he says “Guardian down.”

This week it’s going to be a hot battle between the two biggest soccer games of the year. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES 2016, and EA’s FIFA 16. We gave each one a nine in our reviews but in this hotly debated topic, we want to know which soccer game our readers. So which one makes a goal, and which one gets the red card? Only you can decide in this week’s The VOTE. It’s PES 2016 vs FIFA 16.

Don’t forget that we’re also running a giveaway for these two games, so be sure to check over here for details on how to win. 

There are two major soccer games this year and we want to know which one you prefer! Is it going to be Konami’s PE… in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

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