Super Meat Boy Comes to PS4 & PS Vita on October 6 With a Brand New Soundtrack

Earlier this week, Sony officially confirmed that Super Meat Boy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita would be available as a PlayStation Plus free title when it launches on October 6 in North America and Europe.

Today, Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes revealed that the soundtrack for Super Meat Boy on PlayStation will be entirely different:

Long story short, we couldn’t secure the rights to include the old soundtrack with the release of the game on PS4 and PS Vita. Now don’t be too bummed because we had the opportunity to work with our favorite artists to re-score Super Meat Boy to celebrate its 5th Anniversary.

Those artists include Ridiculon (most recently worked on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth), David “Scattle” Scatliffe (Hotline Miami), and Laura Shigihara (Plants vs Zombies).

You can listen to the Hell Boss track over here.

Refenes then added, “The DualShock 4 glows red while you play Super Meat Boy. If you were on the fence before and this tidbit didn’t sway you, then I don’t know what I can do for you.”

A price wasn’t announced for Super Meat Boy without PlayStation Plus, though we do know it will include cross-buy.

[Source: PS Blog]