Super Meat Boy Platinum Trophy Requires You to Beat All the Levels Without Dying

When Super Meat Boy launches tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, it will be available to millions of PlayStation Plus members in the Instant Game Collection. Judging by the Trophy list, Team Meat and PlayStation porter BlitWorks don’t want to see more than 1% of people unlock the Platinum.

Sporting 24 Trophies in all, all but one of Super Meat Boy’s Gold Trophies requires you to beat the dark worlds without dying. If that wasn’t enough, many Silver Trophies require you to beat the light worlds without dying.

Taking a look at the Steam Achievements for Super Meat Boy, less than 1% of players have cleared the following light and dark worlds without dying: Hospital Dark World, Rapture, Rapture Dark World, Hell, Hell Dark World, The End Dark World, Salt Factory Dark World, Cotton Alley, and Cotton Alley Dark World.

Team Meat explained their reasons for making the Platinum Trophy nearly impossible:

Another thing players will notice is there is in fact a Platinum Trophy in Super Meat Boy. When deciding what trophies to put in to the PS4/Vita version, we wanted to make sure that when a player does finally earn the Platinum Trophy…that they feel like they’ve accomplished the impossible. While it’s not impossible…it is…really REALLY hard.

Basically you have your run of the mill trophies like unlocking the Kid, finding warpzones, beating the game, etc…but the really challenging trophies are the Iron Man trophies. The way Iron Man trophies are obtained is by beating all the levels (not counting boss, glitch and warpzone levels) in a chapters light world or dark world without dying. Each Chapter (with the exception of The End which has no Iron Man run) has two trophies, one for the light world Iron Man, one for the dark world Iron Man. Obtaining all of those and finally earning that Platinum trophy means you have truly mastered Super Meat Boy and you can brag to everyone knowing that what ever counter brag they offer, unless it is their own Super Meat Boy Platinum Trophy, is totally insignificant compared to what you’ve done.

You can check out the full Trophy list for Super Meat Boy below:

Will you be going for the Platinum Trophy?

[Source: Exophase, Team Meat]