Evolve Ultimate Edition and Borderlands Triple Pack Hitting Stores in November


While we still don’t have written details for each title, Amazon has revealed the box arts for Evolve Ultimate Edition and Borderlands Triple Pack, confirming that the Triple Pack includes all pieces of DLC:


Stay tuned for official details, including whether or not the Evolve Ultimate Edition includes both Season Passes.

Original Story:

Online retailer Amazon has leaked the release dates of Evolve Ultimate Edition and Borderlands Triple Pack.

According to the retailer, both game bundles will hit stores in November, with Evolve releasing on the 3rd for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Borderlands coming out on the 17th for PS3 and Xbox 360. Based on the listings, is not known if the games will also release on PC.

Besides listing the dates, Amazon didn’t give out any more details, save that Evolve will cost $59.99, while Borderlands is price at $49.99. We will post more details on these two bundles as the become available. Would you be interested in buying Evolve Ultimate Edition or Borderlands Triple Pack?

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