Evolve Getting Another Season Pass, Includes New Hunters, Monster and More

Still can’t get enough of Evolve? Aside from patches and tweaks, Turtle Rock is working on more content for another Evolve Season Pass.

Called “Hunting Season 2,” it will include four new hunters, a monster and five exclusive skins. Evolve Hunting Season 2 will be available on June 23, 2015 for all platforms and will start the content drip with Lennox, a new Assault character, which will be available on June 23.

Lennox will be the first Hunter in Evolve that will feature a melee attack, and will wear an armor called the “Thunderchild” that’s equipped with a Plasma Lance that deals massive damage in close combat. For ranged attacks, Lennox will be able to use her Autocannon and Thunder Strike attack. 

You can check out the Evolve Hunting Season 2 teaser above, and gameplay for Lennox and her abilities below.

Are you going to pick another Season Pass for Evolve? What do you hope the new monster will be like?

[Source: Evolve]