Get Destiny Exotic Fusion Rifle Sleeper Simulant Today

Well, the search for Destiny‘s exotic fusion rifle Sleeper Simulant is over, granted you completed today’s The Sleeper Stirs mission.

Following up on yesterday’s The First Firewall story mission, which was only available to players who turned in a certain number of DVALIN relics, this new quest essentially has players repeating the Fallen SABER strike, only on level 42 this time around. If the strike is completed, then the Sleeper Simulant weapon frame is unlocked, and players can hand it in to the gunsmith to get the actual gun.

Sleeper Simulant Gun Destiny

The final perks of the gun can be seen below, and the image above shows off some of its general information.

Tier 1:

  • Sleeper Simulant – Weapons’s laser tears through enemies and ricochets once on hard surfaces
  • Infuse – Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon

Tier 2:

  • CQB Ballistics – Greatly reduced recoil. Significant penalty to range.
  • Smooth Ballistics – Increased recoil. Boost to range.

Tier 3:

  • Hip Fire – This weapon has bonus accuracy when firing from the hip.

Tier 4:

  • Speed Reload – Reload this weapon quickly.
  • Custom Optics – Precision glass for a better zoom.
  • Injection Mold – Increased Stability, Faster Handling, Reduced Range.

Tier 5:

  • Activate Ikelos – Upgrades laser to allow multiple ricochets on hard surfaces

If you didn’t get the chance to unlock the quests that allow you to get Sleeper Simulant, then don’t worry, because Bungie has said that it will return “in time.”

Did you manage to unlock the exotic weapon in Destiny?

[Source: Bungie (Twitter) via Kotaku, Pixel Dynamo]