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Know Your Enemy in Dragon Quest Heroes Monsters Infographic

As the Oct. 13 release of Dragon Quest Heroes draws near, Square Enix has released a second infographic, this one detailing just a few of the game’s monsters. If you’ve ever played a Dragon Quest game, these should look familiar. If DQH will be your first, then prepare to enjoy some colorful, varied foes. Click that image below to make it full-sized. I wasn’t gonna put the whole thing here because it’s long as hell.

Click to see Longcat's presentation of foes in Dragon Quest Heroes.

Click to see Longcat’s presentation of foes in Dragon Quest Heroes.

PS4’s Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below combines mixes key mechanics from musou games and action RPGs. I found the game hard to put down as expressed in a review of the Japanese version — probably more so than most players, since I’m a longtime RPG and Dragon Quest fan. Expect a domestic version review in the near future.

In recent times, we also took a look at this game and Persona 4: Dancing All Night in a podcast about great spinoffs. (If you prefer MP3s, you can download it here.)

Will you be saving the world tree from its underlying blight?