Rocket League Update 1.06 Preps for Today’s DLC, Adds New Arenas & More

Taking up 677MB and bringing the total size of all patches to just over 3GB, Rocket League update 1.06 is now available to download on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Adding support for today’s Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC, along with free Community Flags and Video Game Antennas, here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Rocket League update:

*Note: “(DLC)” = content included inside Revenge of the Battle-Cars

New Content


  • Added “Urban Central (Night)”
  • Added “Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)”


  • (DLC) Added “Scarab” (SARPBC classic vehicle)
  • (DLC) Added “Zippy” (SARPBC classic vehicle)


  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Bomani”
  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Derby Girl”
  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Flames”
  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Hearts”
  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Tiger”
  • (DLC) Scarab: Added “Tribal
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Caboodle”
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Callous”
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Flames”
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Hearts”
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Leopard”
  • (DLC) Zippy: Added “Tiger”

Paint Types

  • (DLC) Toon Glossy
  • (DLC) Toon Matte
  • (DLC) Toon Wood


  • (DLC) Added “Scarab”
  • (DLC) Added “Zippy”

Rocket Trails

  • (DLC) Added “Accelerato”
  • (DLC) Added “Battle-Stars”


  • (DLC) Added “Cavalier”
  • (DLC) Added “Locomotive”
  • (DLC) Added “Pixelated Shades”
  • (DLC) Added “Shark Fin”


  • (DLC) Added “Retro Ball – Urban”
  • (DLC) Added “Retro Ball – Utopia”
  • Added “Community Flags”: Achievement Hunter, Funhause, NeoGAF, Polaris, Rooster Teeth
  • Added “Video Games”: Nosgoth, Nosgoth – Human, Nosgoth – Vampire

Trophies and Achievements

  • (DLC) Added five new DLC-specific Trophies/ Achievements

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issue that allowed party members to join matchmaking servers even though the Party Leader cancelled the search


  • (PS4) Fixed sound-related crash scenarios that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches (for real this time)

Later this month, Rocket League will add some new Halloween-themed content, with a Back to the Future Car Pack out on October 21.

[Source: Rocket League, Rocket League (Twitter)]

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