Doesn’t Sound Like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Will Add a 30fps Lock Option

When The Last of Us Remastered came to PlayStation 4 last year, Naughty Dog added a 30fps lock option if you didn’t want to have the game running 60fps. According to Co-President Evan Wells, this was included “at the request of the purists who wanted the experience as close to the original (PS3) as possible.”

With the recent release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4, developer Bluepoint Games bumped all three of the PlayStation 3 Uncharted games to 60fps with positive results. However, it appears some gamers would still appreciate a 30fps lock option, prompting Community Strategist Eric Monacelli to post this comment on the PlayStation Blog:

Totally understand where you’re coming from but if you want to play the games at 30FPS you can do so on PS3 or PlayStation Now. We wanted to deliver the ultimate version with UNDC.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, meanwhile, will run at 30fps in single-player, with the multiplayer targeting 60fps.

In Digital Foundry’s final verdict of The Nathan Drake Collection as a whole, they praised Bluepoint Games for all the improvements:

Now that we’ve examined the collection as a whole, we can sit back and really appreciate the scale of the achievement here. We’ve finished all three games on PS4 and can safely say that each of them benefits greatly from the changes. Bluepoint made smart choices here that manage to create a very consistent package from start to finish – a remarkable accomplishment here bearing in mind that the original games span almost an entire console generation. We’ve always thought highly of Bluepoint’s work on remaster projects but, with The Nathan Drake Collection, it has established itself as the premier studio for this type of work. Only the likes of HexaDrive and M2 have the body of work and the attention to detail to compare.

Do you want Bluepoint Games to add a 30fps lock option to the Collection?

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