10 Properties That Telltale Games Should Work On

games telltale should make

With Back to the Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition and Minecraft: Story Mode both hitting the digital store shelves last week, it’s a great time to be a fan of Telltale Games. The company has helped reinvent adventure games, and put them back into the mainstream.

Since Telltale Games specializes in adapting other properties into video games, or even giving new spins on existing series like Borderlands, it got us thinking about what other series would be a great fit. We came up with 10 different games Telltale should make.

We hope you enjoyed our look at what properties we would love to see get a video game adaptation from Telltale Games! While we only named 10, there are plenty of other worthy series that could thrive in an episodic format.

Let us know in the comments what series you would like to see get the episodic treatment, or what full fledged games Telltale should make!

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