Game Spinoffs: Milking? Or Delivering What the Fans Want?

In the new episode of The Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result, we talk about two recent spinoff entries into big franchises: Dragon Quest Heroes and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. And actually, wait, lately… Dragon Quest Builders, Persona Q…before that, Dragon Quest Monsters and Persona 4 Arena… it’s Spinoff City. Final Fantasy knows what I’m talking about.

Are all these spinoffs a good or bad thing? Are they catering to what the fans want or squeezing every last desperate drop of milk out of a name? We examine. There are two streaming options: YouTube above and MixCloud below, or you can download the MP3.

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Episode 8: Spinoff City

00:57 – What are spinoff games?

04:03 – Persona 4: Dancing All Night

06:22 – “The universe doesn’t want me playing Persona 3.”

07:58 – The best spinoff games bring interest in source material

11:34 – P4D is a good rhythm game in its own right

17:53 – Dragon Quest is a very spun-off series

19:14 – Dragon Quest: Heroes

25:26 – DQ spinoffs hobbled by classic DQ interface

30:49 – Why are spinoffs made at all?

36:24 – Spinoffs allow some reuse of assets

39:12 – Theming is made easy in spinoffs

41:46 – Spinoff success stories

47:31 – Should spinoffs be considered ‘milking’ a franchise?

And here’s the other streaming option, MixCloud. Yeah it has an outdated logo because we…still need a logo.


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