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Goodbye, Satoru Iwata (Podcast)

You’ve almost certainly read about this by now, but I had to get something else out. As I say in this cast, for some reason we just feel like we have to say something, right? We give speeches at funerals and stuff, not so much for the departed, but because something inside us won’t be satisfied until we do. So here we go.

This episode isn’t very long, of course. It’s just me putting out there why I respect Satoru Iwata as much as I do.

Play it with the YouTube embed above or the SoundCloud embed below, whichever you prefer. SoundCloud also allows an MP3 download if you’re traditional about it, like me. Just click that little downward arrow in the SoundCloud player and download away.

Have fun, everyone. That’s the only thing Iwata ever really asked.