Cloud in Smash, 3DS JRPG Localizations, and Female Link(le) – Best Video Game Podcast #11

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Yeah yeah, PlayStation website posts a podcast that’s mostly about Nintendo. Got that out of your system? Kay.

A lot of neat announcements came from the most recent Nintendo Direct — the first since the passing of Satoru Iwata. Nintendo is seated in third place in the current console war and needs some big boosts; so are these ideas hits or misses for us?

Here’s what we talked about, with time stamps for your convenience:

00:28 – Twilight Princess HD happening

01:37 – What Twilight Princess Needs Most

06:44 – My Pokemans on 3DS

07:59 – Interested in going back to original Pokemon?

11:40 – Mother 3 on Japanese Virtual Console

16:54 – Bravely Second!

20:46 – Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS

25:35 – Portables vs. Consoles

31:24 – Cloud Storms into Battle!

32:54 – Cloud’s Japanese voice is also a polar bear

35:49 – Linkle: a female Link… well, kiiiiind of.

44:40 – Since Link is a blank slate, that means…

And some imagery of what we talk about:

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