Final Fantasy XV Rocks (lol)

So ah, what are the odds Final Fantasy XV hits that 2016 release we’ve been hearing so much about?

Has anyone in our comments section ever developed a AAA game? I never have, so I’m asking. This jumps out as a red flag to me, so tell me, am I wrong to see it that way? Someone get in here and tell me what the deal is with this.

Because it seems like, I don’t know, this is the kind of thing that maybe ought to be about done? Are we still seriously taking suggestions on where to even go to scout for rocks that we can put in? We hadn’t wrapped that up? But again, that’s just the take of someone with no dev experience, no publishing experience, and “does not work well with others” written on every report card. (They could also be totally just lying and making you feel almost important when asking for suggestions. I kinda doubt they’d really fly to the canyons of Utah because you said there were cool rocks.)

Of course, multiple teams work on different things. For example, of course those guys getting the photos of the rocks aren’t the same ones zapping menu bugs or refining the script. I realize this. It’s just surprising to me to see such a thing when there’s been so much time before this.

It’s also important to consider that while this game was revealed in 2006, it definitely went through long stretches where it just sat untouched. On one hand, I could say that I’m surprised scouting for rocks hasn’t already been wrapped up, but on the other, I also wouldn’t know exactly when during the course of development a AAA game dev team would go do such a thing.

Of course some places will be more complete than others, this far away from release, but it makes me wonder just how complete every place is. Do the writers know everywhere the cast will go? Are there places they’ve not yet started, much less dropped rocks into? This tweet almost does more harm than good, raising more questions than answers.

So… what’s your take on this? Good sign, bad sign, or just… non-sign?