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Ubisoft Will “Fight” to Remain Independent After Mass Media Company Vivendi Purchases Stocks

Ubisoft is fighting to remain independent after mass media company Vivendi purchased 6.6 percent of the company’s stock earlier in the month.

In an internal email sent out by CEO Yves Guillemot and obtained by, the CEO explained his concerns about Vivendi, saying that the company has a reputation of “aggressively pursuing companies within the entertainment sector.” Guillemot went on to say that Ubisoft will fight to remain independent.

Our intention is and has always been to remain independent, a value which, for 30 years, has allowed us to innovate, take risks, create beloved franchises for players around the world, and which has helped the company grow into the leader it is today.

We’re going to fight to preserve our independence. We should not let this situation – nor any future actions by Vivendi or others – distract us from our goals. Our best defence is to stay focused on what we have always done best – deliver the most original and memorable gaming experiences.

A few years ago, Vivendi actually had control of Activision-Blizzard, so it is no stranger to the gaming industry. What do you think will happen to Ubisoft?