PS Vita Rhythm Game Superbeat: Xonic Releases on November 10 in North America

A PlayStation Vita rhythm game from developers PM Studios and Nurijoy, Superbeat: Xonic is releasing as a retail and digital title on November 10 in North America. No details were given for Europe.

Featuring the same creative team behind 2008’s DJ Max Fever for PlayStation Portable, Superbeat: Xonic includes three difficulty modes (4TRAX, 6TRAX, and 6TRAX FX), which you can see in the above trailer. Additionally, you can choose difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard) within those modes and change the speed of the music.

There are more than 45 songs included in the game, with many genres to choose from, as Nao Miyazawa from co-publisher acttil explained:

There are so many music genres to choose from! Superbeat: Xonic is equipped with tracks that range from Rock to Pop, Techno to R&B. You can always switch up the music you play and keep things feeling fresh. Also, each song has its own difficulty gauge, so you can practice with easier songs first, or give it your all and attempt to pass the more challenging songs from the get go!

There will also be DLC, featuring tracks from BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Magic Beat. Miyazawa adds, “Even more groovy DLC tracks will be available on launch day as well, so make sure your Vita is charged up and ready to rock.”

Superbeat: Xonic is PlayStation TV compatible, has local and worldwide ranking systems, and includes both touch screen controls and button control.

[Source: PS Blog]