Wait, What the Hell is Grand Kingdom?

How has this slipped under my radar? In glancing at upcoming Japanese game releases, those three juicy letters “RPG” naturally grabbed my attention, but I sat baffled as the name of a PS4/Vita game coming out Nov. 19 wasn’t ringing any bells. “Gurando… kingudamu… Grand Kingdom? The hell is Grand Kingdom?”

It’s not a Vanillaware game, but Grand Kingdom has the same director as Grand Knights History, holy shit. The revelation pile doesn’t stop from getting taller.

I looked around for screenshots and only found a few:

It gets weirder. Before full launch, there’s a “Grand Kingdom Lite” launching. From the description, it seems mostly like a demo. I played Grand Knights History, and if this game is anything like that one, yeah, a small-scale introduction would be nice.


 There are also trailers. Here’s the newest one:

And what the shit, this one stars a guy named “Flatt Poker.” Not joking:

Flatt Poker.

For real.

[Source: 4Gamer]