Wait, What the Hell is Grand Kingdom?

October 26, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


How has this slipped under my radar? In glancing at upcoming Japanese game releases, those three juicy letters “RPG” naturally grabbed my attention, but I sat baffled as the name of a PS4/Vita game coming out Nov. 19 wasn’t ringing any bells. “Gurando… kingudamu… Grand Kingdom? The hell is Grand Kingdom?”

It’s not a Vanillaware game, but Grand Kingdom has the same director as Grand Knights History, holy shit. The revelation pile doesn’t stop from getting taller.

I looked around for screenshots and only found a few:

It gets weirder. Before full launch, there’s a “Grand Kingdom Lite” launching. From the description, it seems mostly like a demo. I played Grand Knights History, and if this game is anything like that one, yeah, a small-scale introduction would be nice.


 There are also trailers. Here’s the newest one:

And what the shit, this one stars a guy named “Flatt Poker.” Not joking:

Flatt Poker.

For real.

[Source: 4Gamer]