Grand Knights History is History; XSeed Forced to Cancel PSP RPG

Citing a “lack of development resources,” XSeed games announced today that it will no longer be releasing Grand Knights History in North America. The PSP RPG was released in Japan last fall, and utilizes an online component as a big part of its gameplay, but through what we can gather, Vanillaware’s help in tweaking this system wasn’t what XSeed was expecting. The international handling of foreign (in this case meaning non-Japanese) IP addresses may have been an issue. Whatever the exact issue, it seems that fault for this doesn’t lie with XSeed, as the company seemed to be doing all it could.

With Vita game Dragon’s Crown also suffering localization issues (leading to a publisher change in recent days), one has to wonder just what the problems are with these Vanillaware titles making it outside of Japan. Whatever news comes forward regarding this title, we’ll keep you posted.