PGW 2015: Until Dawn DLC “Rush of Blood” Confirmed for PlayStation VR, Watch the Trailer Now (Update)


Supermassive Executive Producer Simon Harris shares more details on Rush of Blood over on the PlayStation Blog.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a descent into madness, taking you on a terrifying rollercoaster ride of thrills and scares in a fast-paced, arcade-style shooter.

We’re incredibly excited to be developing for PlayStation VR as this allows us to bring games to PS4 with a level of immersion and involvement never before experienced by players.

When we first started working on Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, we were still in the middle of development on Until Dawn, but it was clear to us that the world and characters we were creating would be perfect to expand into new experiences. As we established compelling gameplay for VR, we were able to combine that with a journey through many familiar aspects of Blackwood Pines, but from a horrifying new perspective!

Playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in VR is incredibly different to playing games of a similar genre in the traditional method of sitting in front of a TV screen, so we’re looking forward to seeing how players react!

Prepare for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the (Last?) ride of your life!

Original Story:

Remember that Until Dawn DLC report we posted last week? The one that got hinted at in our exclusive interview with Supermassive Games? Well, it’s just been confirmed during Sony’s Paris Games Week presser by Shuhei Yoshida no less.

Titled “Rush of Blood,” the Until Dawn DLC will indeed be made with PlayStation VR in mind. You can check out Supermassive’s thoughts on it in the video above.

What do you think of the DLC so far? Too far out or are you game to try new experiences to old titles?