DayZ “Console Prototype” Pegged for Q1 2016 Release

Publisher Bohemia Interactive has provided an update on the status of DayZ for PlayStation 4, revealing that a “console prototype” is on course for Q1 2016. 

News comes by way of Twitter, where the company noted that while Dean Hall’s hit open-world survival game is headed to PS4 and Xbox One, the PC version remains a priority for now. 

“The main focus of the @dayzdevteam is the PC version,” Bohemia wrote, “while a first console prototype is expected in Q1 2016”.

First announced for PS4 during gamescom back in 2014, the specific release date for Bohemia’s console port has remained vague ever since.

Indeed it’s unclear at this stage whether said “console prototype” will herald the release of an early build for DayZ on Sony’s hardware, or it simply represents another milestone on the game’s extensive development timeline. 

Are you still holding out for DayZ‘s arrival on PS4?

[Source: Bohemia Interactive]