Here’s the First 20 Minutes of Fallout 4, Along With a PS4, Xbox One & PC Graphics Comparison

With Fallout 4 out tomorrow, IGN posted the first 20 minutes today, beginning with the opening cinematic,  jumping to gameplay at 3:00, and then some stuff happens at around the 10:00 mark.

As you’d expect, the entire video is filled with spoilers, so avoid it if you want to keep everything fresh for launch.

Additionally, IGN did a graphics comparison between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Fallout 4, letting you see how the game stacks up on different platforms. For a full side-by-side-by-side look, skip ahead to 0:55, 1:20, or 2:15:

Alternatively, GameSpot’s graphics comparison features more of a screenshot comparison and sees the PC version at 1080p/60fps on Ultra Settings, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions at 1080p/30fps:

In our review of Fallout 4, we said, “Get over the graphics. Sure, they aren’t the greatest we’ve seen on PS4, but the style is uniquely Fallout, and the sheer scope of the game trumps the occasional jaggy texture or goofy character animation.”

[Source: IGN (YouTube 1, 2), GameSpot (YouTube)]