Host Migration Coming to Metal Gear Online in December

Konami is on the verge of adding host migration into Metal Gear Online, according to a preview of update v.1.02. 

Making the announcement via Designer’s Notes, a new weekly content update that will roll out every Monday, the developer acknowledged that the feature has long been requested by the online community, and it hopes to implement the changes along with other fixes in December. 

Many players have inquired about how to continue playing a match if the host has dropped their connection. Players have also commented that dropped matches result in a loss of XP gained during the match.

For Ver. 1.02, we are working on a system that will restart the match and change the host to another existing player, thus allowing the remaining players to continue playing. Likewise, if the match ends prematurely due to a host disconnection, the remaining players will correctly earn their XP, except for the host who dropped.

As the first installment of Designer’s Notes, it’s understood that Konami will provide players with a supply drop of information on Monday evenings, aligning with Metal Gear Online‘s scheduled maintenance. 

Elsewhere in the report, you’ll find a breakdown of MGO‘s update v.1.01, including how it impacted the usage of classes and other interesting statistics. 

[Source: Konami]