Electronic Arts CEO is One of Fortune’s Top Businesspersons of the Year

Fortune released its list of top businesspersons of 2015 last week, and Electronic Arts’ CEO made it to number three – just ahead of Apple’s Tim Cook. According to the business magazine, Andrew Wilson is among those who have delivered “concrete” and “stellar” results this year. 

Speaking specifically about Wilson, the magazine notes that EA was “left for dead” a while back when reports were rife of the eventual demise of companies involved in the console gaming business. EA suffered four years of “brutal losses” and when Wilson took charge in September 2013, he turned things around. He apparently established a “player-first culture,” which resulted in very strong sales of EA’s core franchises.

In 2014, EA earned $875 million and profits are still shooting up. Fortune believes that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will be another “stellar potential hit” in terms of revenue and performance. 

Star Wars Battlefront is releasing this Tuesday so stay tuned for our review. Whether it contributes to EA’s profits is something we’ll find out in due course but the company expects to sell over 9 million copies.

[Source: Fortune via GameSpot]