EA Expecting to Sell Over 9 Million Copies of Star Wars Battlefront

EA is expecting big things from Star Wars Battlefront when it launches this November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with CFO Blake Jorgensen explaining on their earnings call yesterday that they’re looking to sell between 9 – 10 million units.

Hoping to leverage the hype behind it, Jorgensen talked about where the number came from for Battlefront:

For us, we’re thinking about it with two bookends. One bookend is the historical Battlefront, which did roughly 9 million units. The other bookend is our core first-person shooter franchise of Battlefield, which typically does around 15 million units. So I think in our guidance, we’ve roughly put in there roughly 9 million to 10 million units for the title, with we believe some upside obviously if things goes well. It is Gen-4-only and PC, and so that needs to get factored into people’s thinking, but it is a very exciting title.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, CEO Andrew Wilson was asked about any potential delays with Battlefront. According to him, it’s “fully playable” right now and they “feel good about the trajectory and the velocity and our ability to ship that game at the appropriate time this year.”

As for how EA is going to ensure DICE launches Battlefront smoothly, Wilson says they “learned a lot coming out of Battlefield 4.” Having made significant investments into core infrastructure since, EA has “demonstrated now that we’ve learned from some of the things that we’ve gone through over the past. And we don’t expect anything unforeseen or different with respect to Star Wars than we have around our other giant titles.”

Star Wars Battlefront will have more details revealed in a few weeks at E3 2015.

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