Fallout 4 Sold 1.87 Million Copies Through Digital Stores in First Three Days, Says SuperData

Taking a look at the first three days of Fallout 4, SuperData, who provides market data and insight on digital games and playable media, says Betheda’s latest sold 1.87 million units through digital stores.

According to SuperData, around 1.2 million units were sold on PC in those three days, primarily through Steam, with the remaining 670,000 or so sold through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Games Store for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With those 1.87 million units, estimates put it at $100 million in revenue for Bethesda, with the success of Fallout 4 on PC proving that gamers don’t “exclusively purchase games at a huge discount and instead prove themselves willing to shell out full price for select titles.”

As SuperData explains on their website about how data is analyzed, “We combine the digital point-of-sale data with qualitative consumer insights to speak to the ‘why’ of the market.”

Last week, Bethesda revealed that 12 million copies of Fallout 4 were shipped to stores in time for launch, equaling more than $750 million in sales. Because of the high demand, they are sending out more copies.

Where did you buy Fallout 4?

[Source: Games Industry, SuperData]