Destiny’s Refer-A-Friend Program Unlocks Duo Emotes, Details of New Quest Leak

Last week, Bungie unveiled a new friend referral program making its way into Destiny as part of the shooter’s November update. 

Heralding new shaders, the return of the Quiver perk for Hunters and improvements to the Crucible mode, the studio has now begun targeting minor bugs with the release of update 2.0.2. Via Twitter, Bungie offered an update to fans: “We are investigating issues impacting the decryption of Rare Leg Engrams.”

Beyond that, there’s also mention of a spike in Legendary drops in Destiny‘s multiplayer section ever since the update went live, with the studio asking fans to report any strange surplus of loot. 

Circling back to the refer-a-friend program, Destiny DB Tracker appears to have unearthed the details of a new quest line that’s due to make its way into the shooter. Entitled A Tale of Two Guardians, the yet-to-be-confirmed task list is as follows. 

  1. Comrades in Arms: Complete a Story mission with a Linked Friend.
  2. Wanderers: Complete Patrols with a Linked Friend.
  3. Forged in Fire: Win a Crucible match with a Linked Friend.
  4. Our Own Story: Reach Level 40 and then return to the Tower to talk with the Speaker.
  5. Pushing Back the Darkness: Complete the Daily Heroic Story mission with a Linked Friend.
  6. Heroic Challenges: Complete a Heroic Strike with a Linked Friend.
  7. Lighting the Night: Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Linked Friend.
  8. More Tales to Tell: Talk to the Speaker in the Tower.

A Tale of Two Guardians is expected to headline Destiny‘s new referral program, though we’re still waiting on Bungie to make the news official. 

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