Rocket League Season Pass Not Happening Anytime Soon, Developer Doesn’t Like the Idea

While most games already have a Season Pass and DLC plans announced before the actual title is out, that isn’t the case with Psyonix Studios’ Rocket League. 

Yes, Rocket League is getting more paid DLC, but don’t expect a Rocket League Season Pass anytime soon. Posting in the comments section of the US PlayStation Blog, VP at Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham states that the studio doesn’t like the idea of selling the “promise” of content before they’ve made it. Dunham does admit that the studio has seen demand for it, and this is the reason why they’re considering “maybe” doing it — though how low that chance is.

Season Passes are still something we don’t have plans to do. We have seen demand for it, which is why we’ve considered *maybe* doing it, but really, it’s not likely.

We just don’t like the idea of selling the “promise” of content before we’ve made the content itself. We also want people to feel like, if they’re giving us money, they’re getting something for it immediately, not eventually.

Rocket League’s next DLC pack, Chaos Run, will arrive next month along with a new arena. Check out all the details for it here.

Would you buy a Rocket League Season Pass? What would you want it to include if ever Psyonix makes one?

[Source: US PlayStation Blog (Comments)]