World of Tanks PS4 Open Beta Runs From December 4 – 6, Progress Carries Over to the Full Game

From December 4 – 6, Wargaming will be hosting a World of Tanks open beta on PlayStation 4 that doesn’t require any sign-ups – you just have to download the game and you’re ready to engage in 15v15 tank battles.

Announced for PS4 back in September, World of Tanks is completely free-to-play (it costs nothing to reach the further point in the game), there’s paid content that includes XP boosts and cosmetic items, all your progress in the open beta will carry over into the full game when it eventually launches, and PlayStation Plus isn’t required to play.

By downloading the beta you’ll receive an exclusive PS4 premium tank with a PlayStation inspired skin, and everyone who participates in the open beta will receive a PlayStation 20th Anniversary exclusive M22 Locust US Light tank, complete with a PlayStation grey color scheme and a special emblem.

When World of Tanks does launch, there will be two PS4 timed-exclusive maps, Ruinberg and Scorpion, with Scorpion the biggest map ever made for the game. There will also be custom and earnable free Girls und Panzer content, and post-launch support that includes “huge monthly releases of more maps and tanks.”

Here’s Wargaming’s description of World of Tanks:

Well simply put, it’s the most successful tank action\MMO\shooter out there and now it’s coming to PS4. You choose from a variety of tanks from different nations (ex. USA, Germany, Russia, etc.) to get started, and then hop into battle. Every match earns you rewards to upgrade your tanks and acquire new ones. You can also use these resources to customize your tanks with supplies, equipment, camos, emblems and inscriptions.

There are 5 tank classes to choose from to fit your playing style, light scouts, medium brawlers, heavy monsters, tank destroyers and Artillery. You’ll play in 15 versus 15 multiplayer battles on dozens of maps from around the world. Fight it out in lush jungles, barren deserts, dense cities, and more.

World of Tanks will also be playable at PlayStation Experience in December.

[Source: PS Blog]