Star Wars Battlefront Adds 40-Player Turning Point Mode With Battle of Jakku DLC

When the Battle of Jakku DLC comes to Star Wars Battlefront on December 1 for those who pre-ordered, and December 8 for everyone else, it will also include the 40-player Turning Point mode.

As Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall explained, Turning Point portrays the efforts of the Rebel Alliance to defeat the Empire following the Battle of Endor:

At the edge of the map, the Empire has constructed a make-shift base as well as smaller fortifications strewn across the landscape. Following an emergency landing, the Rebels need to locate the enemy bases to attack and take control of them all.

In Turning Point, Rebels need to locate and capture one of three points under Imperial control. If the Rebels succeed with a capture, additional time will be added and new control points will be made available. Ultimately, the goal is to get through the increasingly difficult checkpoints and make your final stand in the Empire’s base.

With debris falling from the sky, and a Super Star Destroyer crashing down during the round, Turning Point will be chaotic. Concept Artist Anton Grandert adds, “There’s a David and Goliath theme to this. The epic, huge super structures of the Star Destroyers contrast against the tiny but brave Rebel soldiers fighting the Imperial forces.

DICE talked about what you’ll love with Turning Point:

A Turning Point match will often be very exciting since the outcome is never sure. There are also a lot of tactical possibilities that need to be considered. For instance: once the Rebels have started taking over a control point, it can’t be reclaimed by the Empire. Let’s say there’s only 25% left of the claim process and the Empire has managed to drive away the Rebels. This means that the Empire have to choose between defending this vulnerable point or another part of the map. The Rebels in turn need to decide where their next attack should be.

In terms of vehicles, you’ll find airspeeders and AT-STs.

Here’s the maps included with the Battle of Jakku:

  • Graveyard of Giants – Fight on the Graveyard of Giants in Turning Point, Supremacy, Walker Assault, and Fighter Squadron
  • Goazan Badalands – Experience the badlands of Goazan in Blast, Drop Zone, Droid Run, Cargo, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs. Villains.

When will you be battling on Jakku?

[Source: EA Star Wars]