31 Screens Show Atelier Shallie Plus Getting Familiar Faces as Playable Characters

Like most of the Atelier games, Shallie is now due for a Plus version on the PlayStation Vita. Gust has released some media for her handheld adventure as well as some info. Logy from Atelier Escha & Logy and Ayesha from Atelier Ayesha will become playable characters in this portable version, first off. They’ll each come with their own little story bits.

As well, players will get all of the PS3 version’s DLC bundled into the base game with Atelier Shallie Plus. Take that, early adopters!

This game is scheduled for a March 3, 2016 release in Japan. It doesn’t have an announcement for North America yet, but these games tend to come over with regularity, so fans need not mash the panic button. Erren loved the PS3 version of this game.