Capcom Fuels Speculation of Onimusha Revival After Registering New Trademark

Not since the release of Dawn of Dreams in 2006 have we got a console installment in the Onimusha series, but that could all be about to change very soon. 

Capcom fuelled talk of a revival earlier today after registering a new trademark for the dormant demon-slaying franchise. First spotted by NeoGAF user Miku, it’s worth pointing out that the filing was for a new registration, as opposed to an unremarkable trademark renewal.

Since its PS2 heyday, the Onimusha series has eluded the console and PC space altogether, instead cropping up via browser games such as Onimusha Soul. With this in mind, Capcom’s trademark may be referring to a new Pachinko machine or mobile title based on the game’s fantastical universe, though the publisher didn’t disclose anything official at this time. 

Indeed Onimusha wasn’t the only trademark to surface, with other Japanese publishers such as SEGA, Kadokawa Games and Konami trademarking ‘Nurikeshi’, ‘Novel 0’ and ‘Duel Links’ respectively.

[Sources: NeoGAF