DrinkBox Studios Nails Down Severed Release Window, New Trailer Released

DrinkBox Studios has finally revealed a firm release window for Severed, its upcoming super-stylish slasher game, which will launch for PlayStation Vita in Spring, 2016. 

Taking to PlayStation Blog, COO of DrinkBox Studios Graham Smith delved into the game’s progression system, those vivid monsters and why Severed, despite its touchscreen design, shouldn’t be dismissed “a casual game.”

Combat is done primarily using the touchscreen, but Severed is definitely not a casual game. In fact, we think that using the touchscreen for sword combat has allowed us to make the game a much more deep and complex experience than button-based sword fighting ever could have been.

Designed as a dungeon crawler with a folklore aesthetic similar to that found in Guacamelee!, this is the studio’s latest release for PlayStation Vita following launch title launch title Mutant Blobs Attack and the aforementioned Day of the Dead-themed Metrodvania game. 

Severed will hack and slash its way onto PlayStation Vita early next year. Those attending PlayStation Experience this coming weekend can look forward to going hands-on with DrinkBox’s latest. 

[Source: PlayStation Blog]