guacamelee 2 gameplay

PlayStation Underground’s Guacamelee 2 Gameplay Video Contains Chickens

The PlayStation Underground YouTube channel has posted a video of roughly 20 minutes of Guacamelee 2 gameplay. The gameplay section shown is set about halfway into the Guacamelee 2 story, and gives us a great look at what to expect in terms of combat, challenge, and and DrinkBox Studio‘s trademark brand of humor.

This slice of gameplay is set in the Obsidian Temple, which is noted in the video to be about the halfway point of the game. The main character is competing with the bad guys for three relics, one of which has been found at this point. He’s chasing an enemy who is basically an evil party clown-slash-magician, who seems to have control over a group of golden chickens. As the gameplay progresses, we see familiar gameplay elements, such as colored barriers and enemy shields that must be circumvented with specific, colored special moves.

There are several obstacles such as moving walls that attempt to disrupt wall jumps, acid/lava on the floors and ceilings, and puzzles based on enemies with bizarre powers. It’s noted in the video that not only is every enemy from the first game returning, but enough new ones are being added to double to overall number. Also expanded is the role of the chicken transformation, which now has its own, full moveset. There’s even a relevant subplot involving the “Chicken Illuminati.” For more on the chickens and background information on Guacamelee 2, you can watch the full video above.

[Source: PlayStation Underground]