PSX 2015: PS4 Adventure Title Hob Gets New Trailer and Details

Torchlight developer, Runic Games, has unveiled a brand new trailer for its PlayStation 4 exploration adventure title, Hob. Described as a “beautiful and dangerous world,” the game is presented without any narrative or text. Players are tasked with solving mechanical puzzles that Hob‘s world is built upon to “heal it of the infection from the rogue life, and discover why you are the only one of your kind on this strange, unknown world.”

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Runic Games wrote:

Very early in the game, you suffer a crippling attack by the rogue life infecting the landscape. This seeming tragedy actually jump-starts your abilities of traversal, combat, and upgrades. A new metal arm lets you use magnetic fields as a grappling hook, transforms into a shield, and allows you to pull and push the actual building blocks of the world into place. World-shifting is a core feature of Hob. As you re-align the world into its intended use, entire new play areas, previously unreachable, are fixed and unlocked.

A release date for Hob hasn’t been announced yet. For more on the game, check out our hands-on preview from PAX Prime 2015.

[Source: PlayStation]