Ni no Kuni 2 May Be Timed Exclusive

Ni no Kuni 2 may eventually come to other platforms after all. Given that neither Level-5 nor Bandai Namco are strangers to non-playstation platforms, maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But then, it will, due to ambiguous wording at Sony’s PlayStation Experience conference that fooled a lot of people. We certainly thought it was a solidified, confirmed PS4 exclusive, after all. But the announcement and words on screens seemed to contradict each other. Pressed about it on Twitter, Shuhei Yoshida stated that Ni no Kuni 2 “may come to other consoles in the future, after PS4.”

As NeoGAF points out in a screencap of the conversation:


Marketing executives and politicians are very good at taking advantage of the fact that words, especially in groups, can have multiple meanings or imply alternate ideas at times. Remember how Microsoft so very, very desperately tried to dodge questions about its extremely vague wording of the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity? I’m talking about that kind of stuff.

So was this an innocent mistake that got discovered early, or an intentional move to try and sweep a game’s timed-exclusive nature under the rug? Whichever the case, I think Pen’s reaction of smashing his PS4 is a bit extreme, especially if he already paid for that shit. It’s like… dude… dude….