Shuhei Yoshida Weighs in on PS4’s Record-Breaking Success

After reflecting on the chances of either Crash Bandicoot or SOCOM making the jump to PS4, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has switched gears to talk about hardware and, specifically, the record-breaking success of PlayStation 4. 

Quizzed about the reasons behind the console’s consistent sales performance by GameSpot, Yoshida-san acknowledged that it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind not only the PS4’s burgeoning install base, but also that of Xbox One’s. As last months NPD figures revealed, both current-gen systems continue to outperform their respective predecessors by around 40 percent.

For Yoshida, such success is “a harder question to answer,” though the PlayStation boss did cite Sony’s approach to designing the PS4 as an open platform for developers.

So what we really focused on for PS4 was ease of development and ease of use by consumers and developers. And I think that’s paying off really handsomely.

At the time of writing, PlayStation 4 is currently simmering north of 30.2 million units sold

[Source: GameSpot]